A Family of Families

A Family of Families

Our Family Roots

J.M. Wade first came to the Wenatchee Valley in the early 1900's as a cash buyer for a Philadelphia Produce company. While here, J.M Wade formed a partnership with A.Z Wells. The Wells and Wade fruit company bought apples for shipments east and then also purchased packed as well as loose fruit for their own packing operation. In 1946 J.M Wade advised his people he was closing his Wenatchee operation. His former employees Ike Wade, Bob Shultz, Rollie Cranmer, Walter Cox, and growers John Grubb and Elmer Cranmer formed Columbia Fruit Packers.

Today Columbia Fruit Packers is one of the finest apple and cherry operations in the Wenatchee Valley. It's our vision to be a leader in providing warehouse services and returns by recognizing the importance of grower tonnage, maximizing returns for grower fruit while efficiently utilizing labor, expenses, and capital assets. We continue to look forward to future successes of our growers, employees, and company.


Columbia Fruit Packers, Inc.
2575 Euclid Avenue
Wenatchee WA 98801

Phone: +1 509-662-7153
FAX: +1 509-662-0933

Columbia Fruit Packers
In 2014, Columbia Fruit Packers, Inc. installed a state of the art cherry packing line

Part of the Wenatchee Valley since the 1900's

Columbia Fruit Packers has continued to expand and improve its packing lines. In 2014 the cherry line at the Euclid facility was completely rebuilt to include a new Compac electronic optical sizer and sorter. At the Pangborn airport facility, a new apple line is being installed to be operational Fall of 2017.

Throughout the history of Columbia Fruit, we have gotten to know many people and have had wonderful employees and growers who have helped us become what we are today. We now have one of the finest apple and cherry packing operations and look forward to the future and all the changes that may come.

Our History